1.Human Harmony— The Core of DTC’ Corporate Culture?

DTC’s Human Harmony culture is a product of the combination of the unique geographical characteristics of DTC and the traditional Chinese culture. "Human harmony" embodies the affections and wisdoms of all people. Through respecting the staffs’ personality and value, such culture enables staffs to reach consensus and common understanding and to form an enterprise atmosphere of people's aspiration and solidarity, which can help people work together to achieve the development goals of the enterprise.

2.Dongfang Turbine’s Spirit--the Soul of DTC Corporate Culture

In the process of DTC’s development, DTC people have been gradually fostered with a kind of character or a kind of spirit which is called “Dongfang Turbine’s Spirit”.Dongfang Turbine’s Spirits: Be fearless of sacrifice, be eager for success, be persistent and dauntless, pioneer with painstaking efforts, create innovations independently, and scale new heights.

3.Goal of Dongfang Turbine: Develop green power to benefit human beings.

4.Philosophy of Marketing: Value good faith the most along with win-win cooperation.

5.Philosophy of Management: People-oriented policy with priority given to efficiency.

6.Philosophy of Technology: Take a step ahead in technology and exploit product advantages over competitors.

7.Philosophy of Quality:Manufacture top-quality products through continuous improvement.

8.Philosophy of talents: The company helps talents'progress and the company thrives through the skills of the talents.

9.Standard of behaviours:Be sincere and work wholeheartedly.

10.Service Spirit: 24-hour Service Spirit

11.Gratitude from Dongfang Turbine

After the Wenchuan Earthquake in 2008, DTC was given selfless assistance with boundless love from all circles of society, which DTC people will never forget.By inheriting the existing tradition, DTC has been participating in various social public welfare activities. It has established a good public image and won unanimous praise from the society.Fulfilling social responsibilities has become the obligatory duty of DTC, and has also cultivated its unique culture of gratitude.